Leftover Salmon "High Country" Tarpestry

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The Leftover Salmon Tarpestry is a soft and durable weather-resistant outdoor blanket that puts a layer between you and nature, with style.

More on the Leftover Salmon Tarpestry

The base fabric is the tarp portion of the Tarpestry - urethane-coated and heavy duty polyester (similar to cordura or duffle bag material). Providing the water repellency and UV protection, this is the buffer from the occasional unpleasantries.  The upper fabric is softer than the base fabric and is perfect for lounging on. There are four grommet rings included – one on each corner. With the grommet rings, hang the Tarpestry up for privacy and sun/rain/wind protection and stake the Tarpestry down in the grass or sand when windy.  Additionally, each Tarpestry includes a corner velcro pocket for storage.

Camping Trips

  • Rope between trees to create shade and privacy.

  • Hang above tents and hammocks as a rain fly.

  • Lay out as welcome mat & shoe drop at tent.

  • Put under air mattress to prevent mattress rips.

  • Use as a blanket to keep moisture off.

  • As a cover for gear during storms.

  • Take on day hikes for a clean seat.

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

  • Use at camp and on the lawn for the show.

  • Keep dry on damp grass.

  • Stake down if it’s windy or if set up on a hill.

  • Dance floor!

Picnics & Park Days

  • A nice buffer from: damp grass, goose droppings, sticks, etc.

  • Plenty of room for friends.

  • No need to haul a chair!

Beach Trips

  • Stake the Tarpestry down in the sand.

  • Hang up on canopy tent for shade.

  • Quick-dry.

Sporting Events

  • Tailgate: hang up on canopy tent for shade and privacy

  • Field seating.

  • Use as a poncho.


  • Seat and trunk protectant from dogs, mud, wet bathing suits, etc.


Size: 8 ft x 5ft
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Upper Fabric:  Polyester Poplin with soil release finish
Base Fabric:  Polyester with urethane backing (water-repellent)
Webbing/Border:  Polypropylene
Grommet rings:  Nickel