The Nashville Sessions - Double Vinyl LP (2009)

The Nashville Sessions - Double Vinyl LP (2009)

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SIDE A (17:15)

1.) Midnight Blues - featuring: Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury
2.) Loving' In My Baby's Eyes - featuring: Taj Mahal, Sally Van Meter
3.) Dance On Your Head - featuring: Reese Wynans, Jeff Coffin, Rob McCoury
4.) Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way - featuring: Sam Bush, Randy Scruggs, Sally Van Meter, Darrell Scott
5.) Five Alive - featuring: Randy Scruggs, Jeff Hanna, Rob McCoury, Sam Bush

SIDE B (15:30)
1.) Breakin' Thru - featuring: John Cowan, Reese Wynans, Sally Van Meter
2.) Lines Around Your Eyes - featuring: Elizabeth Cook, Jo-El Sonnier, Jeff Hanna
3.) It's Your World - featuring: Randy Scruggs, John Cowan, Reese Wynans
4.) On The Other Side - featuring: John Cowan, Reese Wynans

SIDE C (15:15)
1.) Troubled Times - featuring: Sam Bush, John Cowan, Sally Van Meter
2.) Another Way To Turn - featuring: Todd Park Mohr, John Cowan, Reese Wynans, Jeff Coffin

SIDE D (13:20)
1.) Up On The Hill Where We Do The Boogie - featuring: Reese Wynans, Rob McCoury, Jeff Coffin, Sam Bush
2.) Nobody's Fault But Mine - featuring: John Bell, Todd Park Moore, Elizabeth Cook3.) Six is Now Thirteen - featuring: Col. Bruce Hampton